» Marja Lee Kruyt , Visionair Artist.
Foto Marja Lee Kru˙t
artist and musician
Devon, England

Marja Lee Kru˙t was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she earned a degree in fashion illustration. She worked in this field for several years, publishing fashion drawings in Amsterdam and London, as well as designing costumes for a London ballet company.
In the 1970s, Marja moved to a small Dartmoor village with the artists Alan Lee (to whom she was married for many years) and Brian Froud. She then put her own artwork on hold while raising two children, yet continued to express her own creativity through clothing and costume design, and by becoming an accomplished player of the Celtic harp, which she also now teaches.

When the children were grown, Marja returned to art-making herself—creating Visionary works inspired by dreams, folklore, and fairy tales, using mythic iconography to symbolize spiritual transformation. She works in watercolor and pencil, her delicate, distinctive style influenced by artists ranging from the Pre-Raphaelites and "Golden Age" illustrators (Rackham, Dulac, etc.) to the Symbolists and Visionary painters such as Germany's Shulamith Wulfing. Marja's art has been exhibited in The Chagford Festival, Nine Days of Art, and other venues, and is available as prints and cards. Marja's daughter, Virginia Lee, is also an artist and a designer for films.

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